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    Please note while making bookings, you as a customer accept and agree to the following terms.

    Terms, Customer Acknowledgement, and Customer Authorization:
    I agree to pay the full amount on the invoice and I authorize the full due balance amount to be charged to my credit/debit card for agreed upon service(s). By authorizing this payment I agree and I understand this purchase is final and hereby acknowledge that all requested service items for this date and/or any other dates listed above have been performed to completion and have been tested to show successful satisfactory results/install/repair, unless otherwise stated on the invoice, in which labor service charges still apply if any installation/repairs have been made. If additional fees are needed for any reason they can be requested and/or charged on my credit/debit card, in order to complete the services. I understand that ETA’s are an estimate and can change. I understand I will not be refunded in full once technician is dispatched or services are provided. Please be advised that there is a 100% cancellation charge if you choose to cancel due to but not limited to GOA, changing of service provider, or not needing service after a driver has been dispatched, or dispute of ETA time given being extended due to matters out of our control. ~~ 100% GONE ON ARRIVAL (GOA) FEE AFTER A TECH IS DISPATCHED, NO REFUNDS ~~


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    Disclaimer is a roadside assistance referral and recommendation service. We connect you with a nearby roadside assistance operator. We do not own or operate any of the services related to roadside assistance. Each customer is responsible for ensuring that the service provider to which they are connected satisfies all license and insurance requirements in their state. Images shown are for illustrative reasons only and do not depict the towing services in your region.

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